• 4 Benefits of Hiring an Airport Transfer

    Exploring a new place can be exciting, however, it can also be challenging. This is because not only do you need to schedule your experience, but you also don't know what to expect. Sadly, a lot of things can go wrong on a trip to a strange place and this can ruin your enthusiasm.

    To keep your excitement and thrill alive, you need to make sure that you are prepared to deal with most of the troubles and difficulties along the way. Fortunately in the UK, we have a number of excellent transportation services that can halve potential hassles. Renowned transport services such as Shadow Carriage offer unparalleled driver services for airport transfers.

    Now, if you are wondering how a luxury transport service can make everything so easy, this is the blog you should be looking for!

    Highlights local knowledge

    There is no one who knows roads and places better than a driver who spends most of his life on the road. Because cab drivers can take you to some of the most exciting sports in the UK, you should hire a reputable transport company before stepping into a new city or country.

    With our experienced drivers at your service, you will be able to see Tower of London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and many other tourist attractions in the UK. In addition, pilots have the necessary knowledge of all the tourist attractions that can transform your vacation.

    Always remember that no guidebook or Google search result knows the geography of a city better than the inhabitants who have lived here for centuries. Word of mouth is more reliable than anything else when it comes to seeing new places. So ask your driver about the neighborhood, the culture, and the local restaurants.


    Cab drivers know more about the city's attractions than most natives. So, rent a cab and follow your driver's advice and suggestions.

    The first effects are really significant

    Nothing can come close to the experience of seeing a completely new place for the first time. The experience can be exciting for some people while it can be exhausting for others. Either way, the first impression of the place remains forever.


    In addition, it sets your expectations regarding the place and its inhabitants.

    Considering how important the first impressions are and how they can affect your mood for the rest of your journey, our airport transfer services make sure you travel to the UK. You can see the best of

    Start enjoying your vacation from the airport bar

    Nowadays, you can see the idea of ​​uniting yourself based on your surroundings. In the Japanese tradition, this concept is called kanso and in Danish it is called haig.


    The idea of ​​adapting oneself to the culture of one's surroundings also exists in the United Kingdom. No specific word is given here, but it is widely used in practice.

    According to this custom, if you want to have a memorable holiday in the UK, start celebrating from the airport terminal. So buy yourself a drink from the airport and start a great time.


    Because the experience alone is wonderful, you should not deprive yourself of it.

    Say goodbye to all stress

    Although the journey leaves you with many precious memories, it does not come cheap literally and theoretically.

    There are many things to consider before you fill your bag and leave everything behind. This is because the holidays should be mentally stimulating, not stressful. However, things can go wrong and you can lose your temper. Although it may be almost impossible to get rid of all the troubles already, you can reduce their number and reduce their effectiveness.

    Jumping straight into a pre-booked taxi after a long flight can solve a lot of problems. The driver will know in advance when and where to go after you get off the plane. By looking at the wonderful experience under your belt, the drivers also know which route will help you reach your destination on time.

    Since visiting a foreign destination is a rare opportunity, you should make the most of their trip by renting a reputable airport transfer like Shadow Carriage.

  • Luxury Wedding Cars: Your Guide to Choosing a Wedding Car

    Magic and allure await on your wedding day, but until that moment arrives, you have a lot of planning to do. Let one of these wedding cars take you into your special day in style, luxury and beauty.

    Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    Elegance and sophistication reign supreme with this classic style. The combination of old world charm, luxuries and modern conveniences makes this vehicle a transportation powerhouse. This Mercedes wedding car has enough room for four people inside, so it's the perfect ride for the bride and her parents on the way to church, or it can provide a spacious trip to the airport for the newlyweds.

    This car is also a great idea for a small wedding. Not all couples have half a dozen bridesmaids and groomsmen, but even those small parties don't need to miss their fancy car transportation. Renting a van for the wedding means that they can get to all the events safely and on time. Since there is room for storage, the wedding party can be responsible for bringing gifts, guest books, and other additions to the venue. There is room for these items, and sending them along with the wedding means the bride and groom don't have to worry about everything.

    The car provides comfort and safety for its occupants, as the rear seats are made of soft and luxurious leather. In addition, passengers can control the temperature. Brides everywhere don't have to worry about their hairstyles turning into a dry mess before their big entry at the reception; They are free to keep the passenger space as cool and comfortable as they wish. After the wedding, the car has room in the package so couples can pack extra gifts, cut the middle, and put out cards from the party without any hassle.

    While safety is always a concern when traveling in the car, couples become aware of these issues as their wedding day approaches. A simple accident could mean that your entire wedding day schedule has been cancelled. A major accident or accident can mean a day of great tragedy for the couple and their families. Fortunately, this car has Attention Assist and Electronic Stability Program to upgrade safety features. The Mercedes E Class has also been known for its life-long safety and stability, providing extra peace of mind for the bride and groom.

    Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    Whether you're having your wedding in a rustic setting or implementing every modern and sophisticated detail you can imagine, you'll want to arrive at the big event in style. While elegance takes center stage in your wedding dreams, never compromise on its integrity. With the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, you can have the opulence you've always dreamed of in taking you to your wedding and ensuring the safety and security you need to know the celebration will go off without a hitch.

    Brides love to take elegant cars to their wedding and reception, but they often worry about fitting the car with every detail of their dress. For brides who dress like princesses, the S-Class is the perfect solution. It offers an extra 10 inches of legroom, so brides will have plenty of room to stretch out and put gorgeous trains on their dresses. This model can also seat up to four people. Brides who have always dreamed of traveling for their party with their parents can do so in this vehicle with plenty of space for everyone on the way.

    This car also has a lot of amenities that make it a suitable choice for your wedding day. Comfort is key to this car because the seats are made of leather. It's also heated for weddings on cooler days, and you can tilt it if you need to chill out before walking down the aisle. Rear passengers also have the option to pull tables down. While you're not likely to count the numbers and get to work on your wedding day, you may find that you need the space to reapply your makeup or to put your bag and belongings. Staying hydrated is very important for your big day, and you can bring an optional refrigerator on the plane to make that possible.

    Owning an eco-friendly wedding car is an increasingly popular trend. Many couples who choose this route take transportation together because they feel there are no eco-friendly options. Mercedes S Class allows you to treat Mother Nature with respect and travel to celebration in style. It has Blue Efficiency engines to reduce emissions, a technology designed to help reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly brides and grooms can be proud of the decisions they make with this vehicle.

  • Why rent a chauffeur-driven service?

    When planning a special event - whether it's a personal event or a corporate event - many people finalize all the details and consider finally moving and hiring a regular taxi service.

    However, if you've gone all out to create a great event experience, why not put in the extra effort and travel in style?

    Perhaps as a gift for yourself or someone special for a personal event or perhaps to make your colleagues or clients feel important and special.

    Here are the top 3 reasons to rent a chauffeur-driven car service

    Make yourself or your guests feel really important

    There is nothing more special than the beginning of your important journey than being picked up in a luxury car by a well-dressed chauffeur who greets you with a smile, opens the door for you, loads your bags and drives you safely and smoothly to your destination. - Plan their routes so you can relax and enjoy a glass of champagne.

    Choose from an exclusive collection of luxury cars and arrive in style

    Driver cars are high-quality and prestigious cars that will enhance your image from the moment you arrive. Whether you are attending an important client conference or picking up your clients from the airport, an executive taxi with a well-dressed chauffeur will make a huge impact on your professional level.

    Whether you're treating someone special for a romantic evening or throwing a sophisticated celebration, arriving in a Mercedes-Benz with chauffeur to unlock your door and a helping hand will ensure your event starts in style.

    Arrive at your event on time and go home safely

    Drivers make traveling comfortable and quiet - you can count on them to drive smoothly and safely, knowing the area and your destination, and planning how long to get into traffic or no traffic. With improved satellite navigation, climate control, leather seats and plenty of legroom - you can relax and enjoy the ride or have some time to work around before you arrive.

    If your driver has been booked to pick you up from your event or from the airport, you can be sure they are waiting for you before you step outside. If your flight is delayed or delayed, your driver will wait patiently and ensure you are safely received.

    Shadow Carriage is located in Frankfurt and provides leading chauffeur-driven car service to businesses and individuals at competitive rates.

    24 hour reservations across Frankfurt. Frankfurt airport service and other City Airport.

  • Premium or Executive Airport Transfers.

    FRANKFURT - LUXURY CHAUFFEURS - Never miss your flight again with Frankfurt Luxury Chauffeurs

    Frankfurt Luxury Chauffeurs is a family-run company that provides services throughout Germany. We never turn away from you for your reservation needs. Based in Frankfurt, we specialize in airport transfers, premium car rentals, business travel, luxury day bookings, airport transfers for holidays, weddings and more.

    Over the past year, we have been working hard on our local show in Frankfurt and the surrounding areas. We are concentrated among several major airports in Germany - Frankfurt Airport. Being based in Frankfurt.

    What happens on the day of your overseas trip?

    Your driver will arrive at least 10-20 minutes before the scheduled booking time. He will satisfy you, accomodate you in the car and take care of your luggage. If there are any changes, please inform your driver, so that he can adapt to it on the way.

    What happens on the day of your next flight?

    Your chauffeur will keep an eye on when your plane lands and will meet and greet you in the arrival hall with a nameplate. As part of the service, you are gratefully given 60 minutes of free waiting time from plane landings and no parking fee. We aim to have the same driver on both trips, so you see a familiar face.

    Any special requirements, any particular coffee or newspaper? Simply text the driver and they will do their best to understand before you arrive.

    Reasons to choose us

    We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our cars and the presence of our divers. We want to make sure that every trip with us is safe and comfortable. Each car will be equipped with free Wi-Fi, a universal USB phone charger, and mineral and sparkling water. If you want to book our service, you can visit our website.

    Our exemplary service comes as standard. If you are abandoned by another company and they do not attend to your reservation, we will make sure to go the extra mile to find a driver near you. We care a lot about our clients and see if we can help you catch up on your business trip or vacation trip.

  • How to book the right luxury car service for you

    Booking a luxury car for yourself is now easier than ever. However, finding the right luxury car service that fits your needs and preferences can be overwhelming, as there are a lot of factors to consider.

    It is also difficult to search for a car rental company that offers a reliable and high-quality service, among the hundreds of results that will appear when trying to search for a provider online.

    Fortunately, there is a little science in finding the perfect private car service for yourself, and we have a few tips to share to make the decision-making process easier for you.

    Do your research

    No matter what kind of service you need, research is a must. The last thing you want to do is go with the first provider you come across without doing a thorough research and comparison of the various companies that rent luxury cars.

    There are certain factors that you want to make sure of when choosing shortlisted companies. We recommend that you consider the following:

    Location: You don't want to choose a company that is headquartered too far. Shortlist only people who are within a 10-20 mile radius of where you are.

    Services: Look at the services each company offers and select the ones that best suit your specific needs. When it comes to luxury cars, the type of car is the number one consideration, so make sure the provider you choose has the options you want.

    Experience: Track history is important when it comes to reliability. The more experience the company has, the higher its credibility.

    Read comments

    Speaking of experience, reading online reviews of a business is a great way to understand the quality of the service you provide. Note, however, that it is not surprising that businesses buy good reviews. So it is important that you know where to read reviews that you can trust.

    Check out the reviews on different platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp!, and check out the comments posted on social media sites, where you can find more comments about the business, which tend to be more factual.

    When reading reviews, look for a recognizable pattern. This pattern will help you accurately determine the quality of services provided by the company.

    Get quotes

    Price is usually the number one consideration for individuals when choosing a car service provider. Note that renting a luxury car does not necessarily mean that you are paying an exorbitant amount.

    However, you can save only when you do the proper research. Make sure to ask providers for quotes. You also have to keep in mind that you usually get the service you pay for, so price shouldn't be the only deciding factor for you because many companies that offer very low prices lack basic services.

    You need to find the perfect combination of quality and price, and this is where our next tip comes in.

    Ask questions

    The search for the perfect luxury car service is incomplete until you contact the shortlisted companies to ask them a few questions, including the following:

    How long have you been in business?

    What distinguishes your company from its competitors?

    What type of insurance plan do you offer?

    Are there any additional costs besides the appointment price?

    Interested in explaining why you only got one negative review from a particular customer?

    Before making a final decision, these are some follow-up questions that you should ask along with the basics like prices and services offered.

    Reserve a luxury car today!

    The feeling of driving a luxury car to a wedding or corporate event is unparalleled. The boost of confidence and interest you will feel will certainly be incomparable in a boring old sedan.

    If you want to be the talk of the next event you attend, you can call Frankfurt Luxury Chauffeurs to book our services online.

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